What’s New in Patch Testing – New PT Chamber from Chemotechnique

What’s New at Chemotechnique – New BasIQ Patch Test Chamber

Hapten of the Quarter – Sorbitan Sesquioleate

Hot Topic – Metalworker Allergy

Advertorial – Chemotechnique PT Chambers

Literature Review 1 – The use of Sorbitan sequioleate in patch test preparations and patch testing with the substance

Literature Review 2 –  Nickel allergy is associated with broad-spectrum cytokine response

Literature Review 3 – Path Test results in a Dutch Paediatric Population with suspected ACD – A Retrospective Cohort Study

Literature Review 4 – The Additive Value of Patch Testing non-commercial test substances and patients own products in a clinic of Occupational Dermatology

Literature Review 5 – Presentations to Emergency Departments in Melbourne Australia diagnosed as ACD

Literature Review 6 – The Use of Carvone in consecutive Patch Testing

Website Review – Revised Patch Tester website

Congresses & Exhibitions

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