What’s New at Chemotechnique – Implant Series and Division of Metal Series

Advertorial – Patch Test Chambers

Chemotechnique Staff Interview – Legal Counsel Helena Friman 

Editorial – The Role of Providers of Patch Test Products

Hapten of the Quarter – Henna

Hot Topic – REACH Legislation on Tattoo Inks

Literature Review 1 – Navigating Tattoo-related Allergic Dermatitis

Literature Review 2 – Side-effects of Henna: a full review

Literature Review 3 – Impact of Nickel Oral Hyposensitisation

Literature Review 4 – Effects of TIO Nickel in Patients with ACD and SNAS

Literature Review 5 – Aluminium Contact Allergy

Literature Review 6 – Patch Testing: The Patient Experience  

Website Review – Chemotechnique distributors: Australia and Caribbean

Congresses & Exhibitions


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