Special Feature – From the Floor at the ESCD

What’s New in Patch Testing – The Use of Social Media Platforms

Chemotechnique Staff Interview – Legal Counsel Helena Friman 

Editorial – The Role of Providers of Patch Test Products

Hapten of the Quarter – Aluminium

Advertorial – Nickel Barrier Cream

Hot Topic – Drug Reactions

Literature Review 1 – Skin Symptoms in Veterinary Assistant Staff and Veterinarians

Literature Review 2 – Contact Allergy to Haptens in the Swedish Baseline Series

Literature Review 3 – What is the Added Value of Patch Testing with 30 Fragrance Allergens in addition to the European Baseline Series

Literature Review 4 – The Added Value of Patch Testing Beyond the Baseline Tray

Literature Review 5 – A Comparison of Patch Testing with Nickel Sulphate in TRUE Test and in Petrolatum at 2.5% and 5% Concentrations

Literature Review 6 – European Patch Test Results with Audit Allergens as Candidates for Inclusion in the European Baseline Series

Literature Review 7 – Copper Release from Metals may Mask Positive Nickel Spot Results

Literature Review 8 – Trends in Patch Testing in the MediCare Part B Fee-for-Service Population

Website Review – AEDV-Spain + SPDV-Portugal

Congresses & Exhibitions

Total number of Pages = 36

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