What’s New in Patch Testing – ESCD Congress Reportage

What’s New at Chemotechnique – Chemotechnique – Post-COVID

Hapten of the Quarter – Hydroperoxides of Limonene and Linalool

Hot Topic – EAACI Position Paper on Diagnostic Allergens

Literature Review 1 – Legislation on Medical Devices: What’s in it (and what’s not)?

Literature Review 2 – Quantification of Preservatives in Tattoo and Permanent Make-up Inks in the frame of the new Requirements under the REACH Regulation

Literature Review 3 – Update on Metal Implant Allergy

Literature Review 4 – Nickel and Cobalt Release from Beauty Tools: A Field Study in the German Cosmetics Trade

Advertorial – Chemo Nickel Test + Chemo Cobalt Test

Literature Review 5 – How to Test for Fragrance Allergy – Are the current Baseline Markers Useful?

Literature Review 6 – Limonene and Linalool hydroperoxides review: Pros and Cons for routine Patch Testing

Website Review – CAMP

Congresses & Exhibitions

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