What’s New in Patch Testing – The European Baseline series and Recommended Additions 2023 

Chemotechnique Staff Interview – Orders & Shipping Department

Hapten of the Quarter – Cobalt

Hot Topic – Patch Testing for Cutaneous Drug Reactions in Paediatrics – Review

Advertorial – Chemotechnique Spot Tests

Literature Review 1 – The Benefit of Late PT readings in Corticosteroid Allergy

Literature Review 2 – Patch Test results in Synthetic Garments in textile-dye positive Patients 

Literature Review 3 – ACD caused by topical Ophthalmic Medications

Literature Review 4 – Evaluation of Lymphocyte Transformation Tests as compared with PT in Nickel allergy Diagnosis

Literature Review 5 – Utility of PT and Lymphocyte Transformation Tests for Metal Allergy with Orthopaedic Implants

Literature Review 6 – Contact Allergy to Cannabis and related Essential Oils

Literature Review 7 – Delayed-type reactions to Perennial Moulds in an Atopic Patient

Website Review –

Congresses & Exhibitions

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