Editorial – Hapten or Allergen ?

What’s New at Chemotechnique – BasIQ Ultra Chambers 

Hapten of the Quarter – Lanolin as a Contact Allergen

Hot Topic – Lanolin Allergic Reactions: NACDG Experience 2001-2018

Literature Review 1 – Systematic Review of Allergic and Irritant Dermatitis of the Vulva

Literature Review 2 –  Epoxy Allergy: Investigation of a modern industry

Literature Review 3 – Shedding a Light of the Importance of Photo-patch testing

Literature Review 4 – Sunscreens: A Review of UV Filters and their allergic potential

Literature Review 5 – Contact Sensitisation to Benzoisothiazolinone: IVDK Data for 2002 to 2021

Literature Review 6 – Contact Dermatitis in the Surgical Patient: A Focus on Wound Closure Materials

Website Review 1 – Chemotechnique UK distributor:
Canute Pharma 

Website Review 2 – Chemotechnique Spain distributor: Sugelabor  

Congresses & Exhibitions

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