What’s New in Patch Testing – COVID-19 Pandemic and Patch Testing

Hapten of the Quarter – MI/MCI

Hot Topic – Paediatric Patch Testing

Literature Review 1 – ACD caused by Hydroperoxides of Limonene and Dose-Response Application

Literature Review 2 – Relative Prevalence of Contact Allergens in North America in 2018

Literature Review 3 – Indium & Iridium – two rare earth metals with a high rate of contact sensitisation

Literature Review 4 – Prevalence of Contact Allergy to Metals; Nickel, Palladium & Cobalt in Southern Sweden from 1995 to 2016

Literature Review 5 – Safety Checks in Patch Testing; 5 Obstacles in the Patch Testing Obstacle Course

Literature Review 6 – Effects of Patch Testing on the course of ACD and Prognostic Factors that Influence Outcomes

Website Review – Australian College of Dermatologists, Australasian Society for Dermatology Research

Congresses & Exhibitions

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