What’s New in Patch Testing – North American societies update their screening series

Guest Article – Tele-Dermatology & Patch Testing

What’s New at Chemotechnique – Patch Testing – an important knowledge

Topic of the Quarter – Epidemic of mask-related dermatitis

Hot Topic – Acrylates & Methacrylates in Nail Care Products

Pandemic Haptens

Literature Review 1 – Pole-Dancing Dermatitis

Literature Review 2 – Can PT with MC/MCI be optimised with a new diagnostic mix?

Literature Review 3 – Wells Syndrome following vaccination 

Literature Review 4 – Food Allergens in Skin Care Products

Literature Review 5 – Oral Lichenoid Lesions – are Patch Tests necessary?

Website Review – New Zealand dermatology websites x 3

Congresses & Exhibitions

Total number of Pages = 30

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