What’s New in Patch Testing – Comprehensive Patch Testing

What’s New at Chemotechnique – Nickel Metal Barrier Cream

Hot Topics – Metal Haptens

Hapten of the Quarter – Aluminium

Literature Review 1 – Occupational Exposure to Nickel, Cobalt & Chromium

Literature Review 2 – Impact of Patch Testing on QoL

Literature Review 3 – Immune augmentation by contact allergens to enhance the efficacy of Viral Vaccines

Literature Review 4 – Optoacoustic mesoscopy 

Literature Review 5 – Freestyle Libre 2 – IBOA-free

Literature Review 6 – ACD in the  Finnish Register of Occupational Diseases

Literature Review 7 – Contact Urticaria/angioedema caused by nickel from metal dental braces

Literature Review 8 – Quantification of aluminium release from Finn Chambers

Website Review – Scottish and Irish Dermatology societies

Congresses & Exhibitions

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