What’s New in Patch Testing – National Baseline update

Interview – David Niklasson, Business Development Director at Chemotechnique 

What’s New at Chemotechnique – Win a signed “Common Contact Allergens” book

Hapten of the Quarter – PEG Polyethylene Glycol

Hot Topic – Managing a Clinic in COVID-19 Pandemic

Literature Review 1 – EAACI/ARIA Position Paper on Practical Considerations on the organisation of an allergy clinic in COVID-129 Pandemic

Literature Review 2 – Anaphylaxis to the first COVID-19 Vaccine: Is PEG the culprit?

Literature Review 3 – First cases of DRESS Syndrome caused by hydroxychloroquine with a positive patch test

Literature Review 4 – Paediatric Contact Allergy: A comparative study with Adults

Literature Review 5 – Clinical significance of positive Patch Test reactions to Lanolin

Literature Review 6 – Tea Tree Oil contact sensitisation in children

Literature Review 7 – PatchTest results with the European Baseline Series and the ESSCA Network

Literature Review 8 – Developing a Cosmetic Series. Results from the ESSCA Network

Literature Review 9 – Self-reported Hand Eczema …during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Literature Review 10 – Nickel…Sensitisation Potency and relation to Prevalence of Contact Allergy

Literature Review 11 – COVID Vaccines and safety: what the Research says 

Literature Review 12 – Suitable test concentration of Cobalt and concomitant reactivity to Nickel and Chromium 

Website Review – COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines; from the British Association of Dermatologists

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