What’s New in Patch Testing – Fragrance Mixes

What’s New at Chemotechnique – Book Competition Winner

Hapten of the Quarter – Fragrance Mix

Hot Topic – Hand Dermatitis

Literature Review 1 – Hand Dermatitis in the time of COVID

Literature Review 2 – ARIA/EAACI Position Paper on severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines 

Literature Review 3 – EAACI statement on the Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of severe Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines

Literature Review 4 – ACD and Occupational Skin Diseases in Health Care Workers in Finland

Literature Review 5 – Facial Personal Protective Equipment

Website Review – BAD : Clinical Guidelines for the management of dermatology patients remotely.

American Academy of Dermatology Association : COVID-19: Guidance for dermatology patients for remote consultations  

Congresses & Exhibitions

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