What’s New in Patch Testing – Photo-assessment of Day 7 Reading of Patch Test reactions

What’s New at Chemotechnique – SPIN Factor for Haptens in various Series and compared to TRUE Test

Hapten of the Quarter – Hand Sanitiser Haptens

Hot Topic – Acrylic Compounds in Occupational Dermatology

Literature Review 1 – Significance-Prevalence Index Number (SPIN)

Literature Review 2 – Methylisothiazolinone

Literature Review 3 – Improving Povidone Iodine and Iodine preparations for Patch Testing

Literature Review 4 – Contact Urticaria caused by Chlorhexidine in hydroalcoholic gel

Literature Review 5 – Contact Leukoderma following Irritant Contact Dermatitis to an isopropyl alcohol – based hand rub

Website Review – Global allergy-related organisations

Congresses & Exhibitions

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